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The roof of your home or business is one of the most protective and well-used aspects of any building. Your roof protects you from rain, sleet, and hail and absorbs the abuse of glaring sunshine for a decade or more. It's no surprise that quality roofing in Idaho is in high demand. Whether you're building a new-construction home or dealing with damage to your current roof, you can count on the Rigby roofing experts at Premier Roofing to handle your wide variety of roofing needs.

Why We Always Start With A Free Roof Inspection

When you call for roofing services, we always start with a complementary roof inspection. Why? Because we know how important it is to make decisions based on confirmed knowledge. A roof inspection gives us (and you) the perspective to know the state of your roof, what needs repairing, and how extensive the damage and repairs might be.

Many of our local clients call for an inspection after every major storm to ensure their roof’s integrity. We offer roof inspections for free so that we can offer a truly accurate estimate of your needs and you can make the best-informed decision for your situation.

Rigby Roofing Services

    Our team at Premier Roofing is experienced in a wide variety of roof types, including both residential and commercial. Which is the right roofing service for you? No matter your building or style of roof, we can help you keep your roof in good condition, repair damage to your roof, and when the time comes; we'll replace your roof with a brand new one destined to last another 20 years or more.


    Residential Roofing

    Residential Roofing

    Every local Idahoan homeowner should stay apprised of the state of their roof. Residential roofs are typically made of composite asphalt shingles, designed to resist rain and UV sunshine for up to 30 years (with the latest shingle material, design, and installation methods). If your home's roof has been damaged by a falling tree branch, storm, snow, or animal activity, we have the solution. We can also repair your flashing, gutters, and rooftop features like vent stacks and skylights.
    Starting with a roof and attic inspection, our team will ensure that your home is safe, secure, and leak-free with residential roofing services.

    Commercial Roofing

    Commercial Roofing

    Commercial rooftops tend to be flat with sealed panels that make up the top membrane. It is essential that these panels stay fitted together — much like roofing shingles but more walkable — to maintain the integrity of your building and stop leaks from causing damage. Our team of experts can handle surfacing and resurfacing your commercial roof, repairing the flashing and pitch pans, and managing your drain spout design.
    Let us know your commercial roofing needs and we'll schedule a time that works for your business to conduct our initial inspection and repair plan.

    New Roof Installation

    New Roof Installation

    Are you building a new construction home or business? Is your roof more than 15 years old and ready to be replaced? We've got you covered in Rigby for any new roof installation. A new roof takes one to three days to install, including ripping out the old roof to make room. We will ensure your new roof is of the highest possible quality while helping you to save on building materials with our insider connection to vendors and manufacturers.

    Roof Replacement

    Replace or repair the roof? This can be a tough choice for you to make. However, we are a leading roofing contractor in Eastern Idaho. We have the expertise to give you all of the information and options. You'll be sure to make the correct decision. Call Premier Roofing & Restorations today for your new roof replacement project!

    Roof Remodelling

    Roof Remodeling

    Roof remodeling is an exciting option for some homeowners looking to re-shape or add to their roof features. Adding a skylight or a bathroom vent are two ways to remodel your roof, as is extending a roof over your patio or adding a dormer window. If you have a vision of how your roof should look or have features you want/need installed, Premier Roofing is here for your roof remodeling needs.

    Storm Damage Remediation

    Storm Damage Remediation

    Every roofing team worth their salt offers storm damage remediation. When a major storm hits, there are usually a few homes hit harder than most. Whether the wind broke an extensive number of shingles or dropped a heavy tree branch right into the roof spine, we've got you covered with speedy, dedicated repairs so your family can be back in a secure, weatherproofed house as quickly as possible.

    Home Inspections — Trustworthy And Detail-Oriented

    Lastly, we are proud to offer complete home inspection services for local residents and new home buyers in Rigby. Home inspections are essential to making good decisions and taking care of your property. Our inspectors have years of experience in home safety and maintenance and have an acute eye for detail so no issue or well-repaired feature will be overlooked.

    Does your Rigby home or business need roofing services? You're in the right place! Contact Us today to schedule your free initial roof inspection with our team.