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When building or renovating a home, you may not think about how important a quality roof is. Homeowners often just assume that a high-quality roof has been installed or that all contractors will install the best roof for their home. Our roofing company, Premier Roofing And Restoration can help homeowners understand what materials are best for their Idaho home and make needed repairs to stop leaks or other debris from entering their homes. 

Roof Replacement With Premier Roofing And Restorations

Signs of wear and tear are inevitable on a roof. Being exposed to weather, sunlight, animals, and trees can lead to extensive roof damage, even if you perform maintenance on the roof. The longer you wait to make needed repairs though, the higher the risk that you will need a roof replacement. 

Our team can help provide great service to homeowners while also implementing stronger roofing materials. If you have noticed any curing shingles, leaks inside your home, discoloration, or shingle granules coming off your roof, it is time to schedule roofing replacement. 

Other Roofing Services We Offer

New roofing and gutter installation are other services we offer here at Premier Roofing And Restoration. We also offer a wide range of roofing materials that can help improve your home. Materials that we offer include modified asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and shingles, metal roofing, steel roofing and energy-efficient systems, and membrane systems. 


No matter what type of roofing you need, our team can help you make the best decision possible. We offer advice about the integrity of your roof and what material will protect your home. We can also inspect your gutters and membrane systems to see if replacing them would be beneficial.

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Roofing Company In Rigby, ID

Rigby, ID is a small town in Eastern Idaho with a population of 5,241 people. The community is located in Jefferson County. The majority of people in Rigby own their homes. 


Just outside the city limits of Rigby are the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Besides hosting the county fair every year, the county fairgrounds host other events throughout the year and also have different sports fields for recreational leagues. The park also has green spaces and a bike path that is perfect for all ages.  


Finders Keepers Thrift Shop is a local shop for Idaho residents or visitors to sell and drop off thrift items. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, except for Sunday. They sell items such as records, shoes, luggage, board games, antiques, and more. 


Rigby South Park is a popular place for kids to play and get some exercise. The park recently implemented a pirate-themed playground with slides, a pirate ship, a zipline, and a climbing area. The park is located next to the fairgrounds. 


Jefferson County Lake offers a lake to swim in, paddleboard and kayak rentals, picnic areas, and camping spots. Many residents visit the lake during the summer months to get some sunshine. The lake is about 29 acres wide and the campsite has 50 campsites with water and electric hookups for tent campers or RV campers. 

Why Choose Premier Roofing And Restorations

Our company has been serving Idaho residents for many years and continues to help new homes, older homes, commercial spaces, and more have durable roofing materials. Our team works to complete your project quickly so that you can have a safer home as soon as possible. We are dedicated to high-quality work, providing expert advice to homeowners, and giving you a great customer service experience.

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