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The roof of your home protects you from outside forces and makes sure your home is a comfortable place to live. A roof may not seem like it goes through a lot, but with different weather conditions, UV rays, birds, and insects, it is constantly exposed to wear and tear. Premiere Roofing and Restoration offers roof repairs and roof replacement so that your home can be safe and dry during all seasons.


Your roof is durable, but it won’t last forever. If it has been a while since you should your roof some attention, contact our team to help perform an inspection and make necessary repairs.

New Roofs In Shelley, Idaho

After a roof has been installed on a home, it typically lasts 30-50 years depending on the material. If your home was built over 30 years ago, chances are you could benefit from a completely new roof. 


A roof for a residential home has multiple parts that make up the secure roof we all recognize. These parts include sheathing, roof covering, flashing, drainage, and the roof structure. All of these components need to be installed properly and work together in order for the roof of a home to last for its entire lifetime. 


Premiere Roofing and Restoration offers new roofing services to help take Idaho homes to the next level. Installing a new roof is no easy feat, so hiring our professionals takes the worry off of your shoulders. We perform multiple inspections before installing material on your roof and work quickly to ensure you get back to regular daily life as soon as possible.

Other Services With Premier Roofing

Our team and company continue to grow and help homeowners in Shelley. We focus specifically on your roof in our company so that we can ensure all of our services are high quality. We install new roofing to homes across Idaho as well as:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Gutter Repair and Installation
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Roofing Company In Shelley, ID

The town of Shelley, ID is a smaller town around other bigger cities of Idaho Falls and Pocatello. The population of Shelley is around 5,000 people and celebrates together for the annual Idaho Annual Spud Day. 

A great day activity for people of all ages is the Idaho Falls Zoo. The zoo has animals from native and exotic birds, penguins, lions, and more. They also offer volunteer opportunities and conservation efforts that can help support global causes and protect your favorite animals. 

The state of Idaho is known for the potato. It is hard to travel through the state without seeing some shrine to a potato. The Idaho Potato Museum offers the history of potato farming in the state, a cafe to eat potato dishes, and a gift shop. The museum is open all year round except for major holidays and is closed Sundays. 

Looking for other local produce besides potatoes? The U-pick Red Barn is a local pumpkin patch that allows you to pick your own pumpkins, take a hay ride around the farm and even eat brick oven pizza. U-pick Red Barn is more than just a pumpkin patch, they offer slides, games, and fun for the whole family.

Idaho Falls Greenbelt is a 5 mile walking and biking trail that helps you to see some of the gems of Idaho. It follows parts of the Snake River, travels past the Falls of Idaho Falls, multiple parks, and the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. The path is paved and dogs are welcome on a leash. The walking trail is the perfect way to enjoy calm weather and scenery in Shelley, Idaho Falls, and more. 

Why Work With Premier Roofing And Restoration

Our team offers free estimates for your roof before we get started on a project. We communicate clearly about pricing and what it will take to improve your roof. Premier Roofing and Restoration is proud of our work and what we do to help homes in Shelley. Working with our team gives you clear understanding of what problems need to be addressed on your roof and the quality materials to improve it.