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The roof of your home or business is one of the most protective and well-used aspects of any building. Your roof protects you from rain, sleet, and hail and absorbs the abuse of glaring sunshine for a decade or more. It’s no surprise that quality roofing in Idaho is in high demand. Whether you’re building a new-construction home or dealing with replacing your current roof, you can count on the Rigby roofing experts at Premier Roofing to handle your wide variety of roofing needs.

Why We Always Start With A Free Roof Inspection

Our team at Premier Roofing is experienced in a wide variety of roof types. Which is the right roofing service for you? No matter your building or style of roof, we can help you keep your roof in good condition, and when the time comes; we’ll replace your roof with a brand new one destined to last another 20 years or more.

Shelley Roofing Services

At Premier Roofing, our staff has knowledge of many different roof types. Which roofing service is best for you? No matter the building or type of your roof, we can assist you when the time comes, replacing it with a brand-new roof that will last another 20 years or more.

Residential Roofing

New Roofing

Needing a new roof? Are you in need of an upgrade? Either way, our team of professionals can guide you from beginning to end. All the way through the selection, insurance and installation process. There are so many choices available. Don’t worry, our experts will be helpful in choosing the best roof for your home or property.

Roofing Contractor installing shingles in Idaho Falls

Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof? This can be a tough choice for you to make. However, we are a leading roofing contractor in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. We have the expertise to give you all of the information and options. You’ll be sure to make the correct decision. Call Premier Roofing & Restorations today for your new roof replacement project!

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Rain Gutters

We make putting rain gutters on your home hassle-free and treat your home like we would ours. Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho gutters are a cost-effective solution for your drainage needs. They are installed using the manufacturer’s recommendations and we ensure a commitment to quality, attention to detail and customer service that will leave you satisfied.

Home Inspections — Trustworthy And Detail-Oriented

Lastly, we are proud to offer complete home inspection services for local residents and new home buyers in Rigby. Home inspections are essential to making good decisions and taking care of your property. Our inspectors have years of experience in home safety and maintenance and have an acute eye for detail so no issue or well-repaired feature will be overlooked.

Does your Rigby home or business need roofing services? You’re in the right place! Contact Us today to schedule your free initial roof inspection with our team.