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Shingle Roofing In Idaho Falls — What You Should Know

Shingle roofs are easily the most common type of roof. Why is this the traditional choice for the majority of homeowners? Because of the many benefits of shingle roofing. These benefits are highlighted by the upfront cost, the ease of installation, and the ability for installers to access materials. Now let’s take a closer look at the benefits of shingle roofing.

Installation Cost

Most homeowners prefer shingle roofing because of the cost. It can be much more inexpensive than a metal roof. At least for the initial cost that you’ll pay. On the other hand, shingle roofing doesn’t last as long so there may be an additional cost somewhere down the road.

Repair Cost

Just as a shingle roof is going to cost less to install, it will also cost less to repair. If something goes wrong with your roof, shingles are easier and cheaper to repair. When there is a problem with a certain area of your roof, removing and replacing a few shingles will often allow for the repairs to be made. With other styles of roofing, like metal roofing, it can be much more complicated to make a repair when full-length panels are involved.

Access To Supplies

Shingles are much easier to get access to than the supplies for other types of roofing. There are plenty of local retailers that have shingles available for anyone to purchase. Many people will make repairs themselves when a few shingles need to be replaced. (Note: that performing your own roofing work is dangerous and not recommended for anyone who does not have the proper training and equipment).

Roofing Shingles

Shingle Warranties

Shingle roofing can include a bunch of different types of warranties. These can be provided by both your roofing contractor and the shingle manufacturer. Here are some examples of shingle warranties you may want to ask about when making your roofing decision: manufacturer error. material defect, algae growth, maximum wind-resistance limit, and contractor error.

Labor Required

Typically, shingles come prepackaged and are ready to be installed. This saves on both the time and the labor required to place the shingles on your roof. When you compare this to all of the steps involved in installing metal roofing, well, there is no comparison. Get your shingle roofing in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the labor required.

High Coastal Winds

Clearly, southeast Idaho is pretty far away from the coast. So the strong coastal winds won’t be damaging your shingle roofing around here. But we do get some pretty big windstorms in the area too. We actually had quite a large wind that caused damage in the area just a few days ago. So it will be important for you to know the wind rating that is needed for your roof. This rating will vary depending on the location and we can help you have all of the information you need. 

Available Installers

Because shingles are easier to install and require less labor, there are more people who can perform this job. It is important to use a trained, qualified, and experienced roof installer to do the job right. At Premier Roofing, our team checks all those boxes for shingle and other types of roofing. Give us a call to get your roofing project started.


Once your shingles have been securely installed, there is no problem walking on them (other than the general risk of being on your roof) or putting weight on them. Metal roofing panels can easily get dented or damaged under a lot of weight. Shingles will also offer traction for anybody who is walking on them. This is safer than metal roofing which does not give much traction and can get slick if it is wet.


One great benefit of shingle roofing is the versatility that comes with it. Any size of roof can be protected with shingle roofing. With shingles, you can cover all sorts of shapes, angles, and forms of a roofing system. Despite the fact that there are slope requirements, virtually every home is a good fit for shingle roofing. Shingle usage isn’t the only thing that makes them versatile. Something many people don’t realize is that shingles come with a variety of color options. Your other roofing options don’t have as many options to choose from. This can do wonders for your curb appeal and set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Choosing Your New Roof

Shingle Roofing In Idaho Falls — What You Should KnowChoosing a new roof can be stressful. There are a lot of options and different things to take into consideration. Remember that every building, home, and roof is unique so we are here to help answer any questions or concerns that you have. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision. Just know that we are always here to help.

We’ll always give you an honest opinion of what your options are and the best fit for your needs. We dedicate our team to providing the highest quality of residential and commercial roofing services for clients throughout the Eastern Idaho area. In addition to shingle roofing, we install and repair metal roofs, flat roofs, siding, windows, and rain gutters. When you are in need of a roof replacement, you can trust Premier Roofing & Restorations. Contact us today for more information about a roofing repair or replacement!

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