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Winter Roof Repair: What You Should Know

It may seem like winter roof repair is almost impossible during the winter in a place like southeast Idaho. But, it’s actually not. True, most people try to have their issues taken care of before the winter hits. But sometimes you don’t have the luxury of waiting for perfect weather. 

No matter when you recognize the need for winter roof repair in Idaho Falls, you’ll be better off not to wait to have the issue resolved. Every time it rains or snows and moisture gets inside your home, it can lead to more problems that you don’t want to deal with down the road. Even a small leak can lead to big-time damage to the integrity of your roof. This could turn a small repair job into a whole roof replacement. One example of how this can happen is when it is so cold that the materials in your roof freeze. The more they freeze and thaw, the more they expand and contract, which may cause additional leaks.

Roofing In The Winter

Of course, roofing work in the winter with snow and ice can be more of a risk than at other times of the year. However, we are professionals and have all of the necessary training and equipment to do the work safely. And in most cases, it only takes a few minutes to clear any snow from the roof before getting started. In fact, plenty of roofers would prefer to work during the winter than in the summer when it can get so hot on a roof. If it is 80-90 degrees outside, that means it will be well over 100 degrees on your roof and that can make for a pretty uncomfortable workday.

Winter Roofing Pros And Cons

The biggest difference in winter roofing is the materials that are used. When the weather drops close to freezing (32 degrees), it will make the roofing materials act differently than they do when the weather is warm. Here’s a bit more about how this can impact some different types of roofs in Idaho Falls.

Flat Roof

Installing a flat roof in the winter means there are two options to choose from. They are PVC and TPO. These are single-ply roofing products and are installed mechanically. The seams are welded with hot air instead of being attached with adhesives. The choice that you don’t have during the winter is a rubber roof. These should not be used because the adhesives required for installation and to seal the roof will freeze and will not bond as they should. If a rubber roof is what you want or need or you have a roofing contractor that plans to install a rubber roof in the winter, we suggest getting a second opinion before making that large investment.

Sloped Roof

The vast majority of sloped roofs are made with asphalt shingles. They can be used during the winter without much problem as long as the work is done carefully. Shingles that are cracked or bent during the installation process will not last as they should. Asphalt shingles also must have a good seal between the overlapping shingles in order to do their job correctly. And they can be tricky to use because the seal needs heat from the sun and may not make a complete seal until the weather gets warmer. Asphalt shingles can also be negatively impacted by an ice dam. Ice and water shield membrane does a nice job of preventing ice dam leaks but does require heat from the sun to adhere properly.

Metal Roof

A metal roof can be installed during the cold of winter with no problem. A metal roof is designed to deal with expansion and contraction. This means that the temperatures will not change anything. The key to having an effective metal roof is proper ventilation. If that is done properly, a metal roof will work great during any season of the year.

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