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Membrane Roofing Idaho Falls

Membrane roofing is a roofing system that is designed to move water off of a flat roof. One of the most important parts of roofing is ensuring that there is a successful way to get the water off and prevent it from pooling. Membrane roofing Idaho Falls is especially important when the snow piles up and then begins to melt. With a flat roof, gravity doesn’t do much good for this. In fact, gravity can make this problem worse. If any part of the roof is not level, you’ll have pooling. That leads to leaking. This kind of roofing is mainly used for commercial roofing but also used for residential roofing.

Better Than Asphalt

All three of these options have advantages of previous methods using asphalt and gravel. For one thing, it can be pretty tough to create a proper seal at all seams and connection points. When this happens, your roof can start leaking early it is lifespan and need to have more maintenance going forward. If done properly, membrane roofing Idaho Falls will virtually eliminate the concern for leaking for a flat roof.

Repairing an asphalt or gravel roof is not easy. This is because it can be hard to find the exact source of the leak. Membrane roofing Idaho Falls can be repaired fairly easily by being patched. Breaks and leaks are easy to find. This type of roofing also won’t need additional layers of weight above it. This is because it won’t expand and contract as asphalt does. Membrane roofing also won’t degrade with exposure to sunlight like asphalt.

Types Of Membrane Roofing Idaho Falls

These synthetic roofing membranes are becoming more and more common with the advancements in technology. They are easier to install than older styles of a flat roof and are better are preventing leaks. Previously, a flat roof was a sure thing to leak at some point. Not anymore. Here’s a look at three types of membrane roofing.

Synthetic Rubber (Thermoset)

This kind of membrane roof is constructed from large, flat pieces of synthetic rubber. They are bonded together at the seams to form one continuous membrane. These thermosets are popular roofing materials because they can withstand the possible damage that comes from the sun and chemicals on the roof. But the biggest reason is because of the way the materials are put together. The pieces are able to be combined so they are actually changed into one complete piece. This actually happens on the molecular level. If this is done right, you can have a leak-proof roof for a long time.

Thermoplastic Membrane

This is similar to synthetic rubber — pretty much, it is plastic. The difference is that the seams are welded to form the continuous membrane. These seams can also be fused with solvents instead of using heat. One difference is that the pieces are not joined at the molecular level. So it is not one complete piece covering your roof, but they can be just as strong. Thermoplastic membranes also include a layer of reinforcement to add strength and stability. It will be watertight and leakproof so you’ll have nothing to worry about for years to come.

Modified Bitumen

This is an evolution from asphalt roofing. It is made with asphalt and rubber modifiers. There are multiple ways this type of material can be connected and installed. When using heat, the seams are heated to melt asphalt together and create a seal. Another way to do this is a hot-mopped application. This is similar to how conventional built-up roofs are installed. There are also cold-applied adhesives and self-adhesive membrane options. This option is not as advanced as the fully synthetic roof but provides a much better option than asphalt. Not only will it be better, but it also degrades slower than asphalt.

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