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Whether you are replacing a roof that was damaged by a storm, or you just need to make an upgrade, our professionals can guide you through the selection, insurance and installation process. With so many choices of materials and options galore, our expertise can be helpful in choosing the best roof for your home or property.

Maintenance is the key to long-term roof performance. A good roof requires proper design, quality materials, and quality installation. Yet once the roof is installed, nothing is more critical than establishing a program of proper maintenance. As a leading Idaho Falls roofing contractor, we provide all of these services.

Repair or replace? Premier Roofing & Restorations can assist you with decision, the needed repairs, and guide you through the insurance, product selection and installation process. With so many choices of materials and options galore, our expertise can be helpful in making the best decision for the repair of your roof.

Replace or repair? This can be a tough choice to make. As a leading Idaho Falls roof replacement contractor, Premier Roofing & Restorations has the expertise to give you all of the information and options to make the correct decision. Call Premier Roofing & Restorations today for your new roof replacement project today!

Premier Roofing & Restorations specializes in commercial roof coatings. If you have a flat roof and are tired of patching leaks, consider a roof coating. A roof coating is one solid layer, so there are no seams and areas for potential leakage. Our roof coatings last longer and will reduce the overall temperature of the roof, allowing it to last longer.

Premier Roofing & Restorations is dedicated to providing residential and commercial roofing services for clients throughout the Eastern Idaho area. We offer free roof evaluations and inspections, and we only suggest roofing work that needs to be done. Give us a call today!

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