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Pocatello roofing

A roof plays a crucial role in the safety of a home or business. Roofing materials can make a difference in the temperature of the building, keep the building quiet during storms, and protect those who frequent the business or home. Premier Roofing And Restoration offers roofing services because we know first-hand the benefits of quality roofing. 

Idaho homes see a variety of weather conditions and ultimately need roof repairs throughout the years. The experts at Premier are ready to improve your home with quality services today.

Residential And Commercial Roof Repairs 

Damage from hail, wind, snow, rain, and trees is common for roofs in the Pocatello area. Our roofers have experience handling different types of damage and repairing them in a timely manner. Repairing punctures in your roof quickly will prevent leaks inside your home, mold growth, an increase in allergens, and higher energy bills. 

Patching, roof repairs, new materials, and more are offered by our team at Premier. No matter what type of roof damage has occurred on your property, we can help provide a successful solution. 

Additional Services From Premier Roofing And Restoration

If your home has been damaged beyond repair or the roof is older, total roof replacement may be your best option. Premier Roofing And Restoration offer new construction roofing and roof replacement for situations like these. A quality roof can last for 20-50 years, but they are not completely indestructible. Repairs, replacement, or new construction roofing will all be services that homeowners eventually need. 

In addition to roofing, our team provides gutter installation and gutter maintenance. Residential and commercial gutters are both services our team can provide. 

Roofing In Pocatello, ID

Pocatello, ID is one of the hot spots in the state. It is the county seat of Bannock County and has a population of around 57,000 people. The scenery in Pocatello is mountainous and sees drastic changes in weather between seasons. 

Zoo Idaho was established in 1932 and offers 40 different species including grizzly bears, bison, eagles, wolfs, bobcats, hawks, and more. The zoo also has educational outreach programs to help educate more people about wildlife, extinction, ecosystems, and more. You can find more about the changing hours and the cost of admission at the Zoo Idaho website. 

Swore Farms wants to enrich the Idaho community through locally-grown produce. They sell their food at the Farmers Market on Wednesday and Sunday, so that people across the state can have quality food for their table. Swore Farms also offers family events such as a corn maze and pick-your-own pumpkin patch during the late summer and fall. 

Outdoor recreation is a big deal in the Idaho area, including along the Portneuf River. Hiking and biking trails, fishing, and river rafting are all activities that visitors can take part in. The entire river stretches 124 miles and runs through the city of Pocatello. The mouth of the Portneuf River starts in the Snake River. The river is always open to float at your own risk, but the typical busy season is May to October.

Fort Hall Replica and Commemorative Trading Post let visitors have an immersive experience exploring life along the Oregon Trail and the westward migration during the 19th century. Many people traveling to find gold or better jobs stopped at Fort Hall along the Snake River in Idaho. The replica keeps the history and hardships of these people alive with a monument in their memory. 

Why Choose Our Roofing Experts

Premier Roofing And Restoration serves the Pocatello area and the Idaho Falls area to help protect residents and visitors. Quality roofing across the state is important during all seasons in Idaho with the changing weather and UV light. Our company also offers free estimates so that you know exactly what your project timeline and cost will be before you even hire our company. Contact our Pocatello experts or Idaho Falls team today!