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DIY vs. Professional Gutter Installation

Having gutters on your home is essential to protect your investment in a home. Gutters move rainwater, snow, and other moisture away from the foundation of a home, but only if they are installed properly. Many homeowners ask the question of whether they can DIY their gutter installation. Hiring a professional may seem like too high a cost to pay for something like gutters, but will professional gutter installation actually improve the way that water exits your premises? 

Below are some more elements to consider before installing gutters and the pros and cons of DIY and professional gutter installation. 

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Professionals Have Experience And Expertise

Working with a professional company to install gutters on your home gives you access to their knowledge and insight. They have the experience to do their job well and complete a project in a timely manner without sacrificing functionality. Applying gutters with the right fasteners and at the right slope is the only way that water will be moved away from your roof and foundation. 

Professionals will know how to implement gutters of all different materials and how they need to fit on homes of all different sizes. This will cut down on the time needed to complete the project, especially if you choose to DIY. While installing your own gutters may give you more knowledge for a future project, installing them for the first time will still include some mistakes because of the learning curve. 

DIY Projects Could Cause More Damage To Your Home

Without expertise, installing gutters to your soffit or roofing material can be tricky. If you install the gutters incorrectly, this could cause tears in the roofing materials or cause you to have to remove and re-install the gutters. This can limit the efficiency of the gutter system or make major mistakes when taking a DIY approach. 

Often times when you need new gutters, you may also need to replace the fascia, soffit, or roofing material because it is also damaged. If gutters are installed on rotting materials, this can cause leaks in your home or cause the gutters to fall off. Keeping your home safe is only possible when your gutters are installed correctly. 

The Cost Of DIY Vs. Professional Gutter Installation

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You may be hesitant to choose a professional gutter company because of the higher cost. Gutter installation can be time-consuming and requires precision. When you work with a professional company, you get their expertise while also paying for their labor. The average cost for gutter installation is $20 per liner foot. Installing the gutters yourself may save you some money upfront, but over time your gutters may start to deteriorate and need to be replaced. This will add up if you are replacing the gutter system every year. 

Better Access To Different Materials

Working with a professional company will give you more options for materials that can be used for your gutter system. Popular materials that are used for gutters include:

  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Copper
  • Preweathered Zinc

Some of these materials are in high demand, especially when they are crafted into gutters and downspouts. Working with a professional gutter installation company means that you could get gutters straight from the manufacturer, instead of waiting to pick them up at a home improvement store. 

Warranty And Quality 

Installing gutters on your own will not provide a warranty on the materials or the installation. This can lead to disaster down the road when your gutters may be damaged, or if you installed them incorrectly. Not only will you lose money, but improperly installed gutters could also void the warranty you have on your roof or home. 

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Professional gutter installation will guarantee that you use high-quality materials and protect your home. Our team at Premier Roofing And Restoration can add gutters to any kind of home while protecting the structural integrity of the space. Avoiding DIY gutters will bring better functionality to the home. 

Gutter Installation From Premier Roofing And Restoration

Our goal at Premier is to install gutters in your home in the most hassle-free way. You want your gutters to last when they are applied to your roof. Our team doesn’t believe in just installing gutters and never worrying about them again. We offer gutter maintenance for homeowners or business owners to help avoid ice dams, clogs from leaves, and limit fire hazards. We check for leaks and other damage and will repair your gutters immediately to help keep your home safe. Contact us to improve your Idaho Falls or Pocatello home today!

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