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The Best Roofing Materials For Idaho’s Climate

Homes in Idaho and their attached roofs are exposed to extreme cold, heavy snow, hailstorms, and wildfires throughout the year. Installing a roof that can withstand these conditions can be a difficult task, but our company wants to break down some of the options. Below are roofing materials that can withstand hailstorms, heavy snow, and fire. 

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It is important to note that no material will be completely resistant to damage. There are just materials that are more durable than others. Our team at Premier Roofing and Restoration can complete roof repairs or replacements when your Idaho home experiences damage.

Materials Best For Heavy Snow

In a colder climate like Idaho, snow during the months of September through March is possible. Here are some options for roofing materials that can better withstand heavy snow.


Metal roofs on residential homes are becoming more and more popular because of their durability. Metal roofs are relatively inexpensive to install and last for multiple years when maintained and cleaned. Metal roofs are great for snow because it makes it a lot easier to remove. Ice dams are also less likely to form on metal roofs, which will prevent leaks in your home and further roof damage


Slate is a popular material for homes in harsh winter climates. Slate tiles are great insulators and are able to withstand blizzard conditions. Slate is more costly than metal though, so ensure that you have the budget for a quality material. 

Clay Tiles

Similar to slate, clay tiles also hold in the heat, which limits the build-up of ice and snow. Before clay tiles are installed, your roof may need to be reinforced to hold the weight. Other than this extra step, installing clay tiles is similar to installing any other traditional roofing material. 


Traditional asphalt shingles can withstand snow and cold climates. Shingles are not waterproof, but when maintained properly they can last for many years. Asphalt shingles are also more aesthetically pleasing for homes because they are sleek. 

Roofing Materials For Hailstorms

Idaho homes see many hailstorms throughout the year. Hailstorms can damage roofs, cars, plants, and other elements around your home. Installing these roofing materials for Idaho’s changing climates can limit the amount of roof repairs you need to do. 


EPDM Rubber is lightweight, affordable, and resistant to hail. Small to large hailstones will essentially bounce off your rubber roof. These rubber roofs are durable and last for decades with a minimum amount of maintenance. 

Pocatello roofing contractor working on snowy roofAsphalt

The most widely used roofing material for every climate condition is asphalt. Different shingles are more durable than others, so when picking colors and types, ensure you choose one that will last you more than a few years. 


You may not think of metal as a material that is resistant to hail, but it is actually impact resistant. Metal roofs with a class 4 rating will be resistant to punctures from extreme hail, but a metal roof may see dents when large hailstones occur. 

Fire Resistant Roofing Materials

Preventing home fires is essential to having peace of mind while living in your home. Roofing materials can help prevent house fires and give you more time to determine if a fire is occurring and save some valuables. 

Asphalt Shingles

The common denominator among all of these climate conditions is asphalt shingles. Finding the right shingles will protect your home throughout all different seasons. 

Clay Tiles

In a high-risk wildfire area, a durable roof is essential during the hot months of summer. Clay has been baked in a kiln when it is being made into tiles for roofing. This makes it fire-resistant and a flexible option to use for your Idaho home. During the production process, you can also customize the tiles to multiple colors in order to match your home. 

Concrete Tiles

Similar to clay, concrete tiles have similar qualities and are made from bits of sand and rock. They also go through a kiln to make them weather resistant including fire resistance. Concrete tiles fit well on any style of home in the Idaho area. They are heavy when placed all together, so make sure your roof is properly braced and a professional installs the tiles for you. 

Idaho Falls Sidings Roofing materialsSynthetic

Polyurethane is used to make synthetic shingles which are eco-friendly, more durable than asphalt, and has better weather resistance. If you are on a budget, synthetic is an affordable option that still offers quality fire protection. 

Roofing Services From Premiere Roofing And Restoration

Premier Roofing and Restoration offers roofing repairs and new roofing for homes in many Idaho cities. Our professionals can help you have a weather-resistant roof that fits your budget. No matter the size or age of your home, our roofing experts can help improve the safety of your home. Contact us in Idaho Falls or Blackfoot.

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