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DIY Roof Repairs Vs. Hiring A Professional

A residential or commercial roof is bound to need repairs during its lifetime. Roofing repairs that are done correctly can help extend the lifespan of the roof. DIY roof repairs are not always the best option when it comes to safety and quality. Roofing repairs can become complicated and if not done correctly, could cause major damage to a home. 

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Why DIY Repairs Are Tempting

Working on a DIY project around your home can be very fulfilling. Many homeowners can save money on minor repairs and DIY projects around the house, but roof repairs can become complicated. Doing a simple paint job inside your home is not the same as replacing a roof. There are small DIY roof repairs that homeowners can do on their own without too much stress. Below are some of the benefits homeowners get from working on their roofs. 

Cost Savings

Hiring a roofing contractor can get pricey. Hiring a whole team, and paying for materials, and labor costs can be scary for homeowners who just need minor repairs. Getting shingles or tiles at a hardware store and replacing them yourself can save you a good chunk of change. However, larger sections of the roof that need to be replaced or damage to the roofing structure will be more cost-effective if done by a professional. 


If you have ever worked on a home project or built your home, you know how unpredictable builders’ and contractors’ schedules can be. Doing a DIY roof job means choosing the day that is convenient for your schedule and completing the job on your own terms. 

Sense Of Accomplishment

Fixing damage to your home or upgrading parts of an older home will give you a sense of accomplishment. Doing something with your own hands and skills can give you a great sense of purpose and really make your home feel like your own. This is why many homeowners research repairs and other DIY projects so they can work on their homes. Not all upgrades require a professional team, including some minor DIY roof repairs. 

Why You Should Hire A Professional Roofer

While there are advantages to DIY your roofing project, there are also benefits you get from hiring an experienced roofing contractor. Premier Roofing and Restoration offers new roofing and roofing repairs to help enhance your Idaho home. Working with our company gives you the best materials and quality craftsmanship. 

Expertise And Experience

Working with a professional roofing company like Premier Roofing And Restoration brings knowledge, skills, and experience to your project. Roofers will be able to recommend the best materials for your unique home and have the tools necessary to finish your project in one service. Roofing Company Shelley Idaho Falls ID
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Roofing can pose quite a few challenges, so having a professional who can problem-solve correctly will help you have a longer-lasting roof. 

Higher Quality Materials

The proper materials can make or break a residential roof. Many roofing materials will protect your home, but some materials are more resistant to hail, wind, and snow. Professional roofing companies will have access to higher-quality materials that could be more expensive for DIYers to get. These resistant materials will help elevate homes in Idaho to keep them safe during storms.

Safety Equipment And Practices

Hiring a professional roofer will negate the need for you to climb up on your roof. Climbing a ladder to reach your roof can be dangerous. Working on a roof at higher heights will increase the risk of falls and injuries. Professional roofers will have more safety equipment and training to help keep them safe while working. This safety equipment including harnesses or boots may be hard to get for homeowners completing DIY roof repairs. Homeowners can stay safer when hiring a professional to work on top of their home.

Roofing Services From Premier Roofing And Restoration

Our Idaho company works hard to give you better roofing with our services. Premier Roofing and Restoration offers roof replacement, new roofing, gutter repair, and more! No matter what home or commercial space you own, our team can improve your curb appeal with proper roofing materials. 

Premier serves Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Blackfoot, Chubbuck, Ammon, and other surrounding cities. If your roof has been damaged or just has normal wear and tear, our experts have the solutions. Reach out to our Idaho Falls location or our Pocatello location to get started on your next project!

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