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Residential roofing is important to keep homeowners and families safe. Your roof does a lot more than you first realize and it deserves to be maintained. Premier Roofing And Restoration can help improve your roof with our roof replacement and roof repair services in Rexburg, ID. 

Even just general maintenance for your roof can make them last longer. Your roofing material has a lifespan of how long it can properly protect your home, but maintenance can help extend that lifespan for just a few more years. 

Roof Replacement For Your Home

If you are looking to replace your old roof, Premier Roofing and Restoration can help. We are the leading roof contractor in the Idaho Falls and Rexburg area and will leave your home in better condition than ever before. 


If your material is looking discolored or you have missing shingles, scheduling a roof replacement will help you have peace of mind in your home. Replacing your roofing material at the right time will save you money over time and limit the aging of your home. Our company offers a variety of materials to choose from that can make your home more energy-efficient. 

Other Services From Premier Roofing

Our company offers new roofing and gutter services for homes in Idaho. No matter how old your home is, we can make improvements and make your home a better place to live. 

Premier Roofing and Restoration also has two locations in Idaho Falls and Pocatello to better serve homeowners across the state. We want your property to look its best and have a great experience working with a roofing contractor. 

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Roofing In Rexburg, ID

Rexburg is often known as a college town to those outside of Idaho, but there are many diverse residents living in the city of Rexburg. Premier Roofing And Restoration offers roofing services for different homes and apartments. We can improve many different roofing conditions so you can have peace of mind while you explore your home city. 


The Museum of Rexburg houses many exhibits and artifacts of the surrounding area, including the Teton Flood Exhibit. The museum is at the base of the Tabernacle and was established in 1981. Groups of 10 people or more get in for just $2 per person. 


Looking for a vintage outing good for people of all ages? Teton Vu Drive-In hosts double-feature movies with a snack bar, burger stand, ice cream, and popcorn. The drive-in shows new releases and summer kids’ movies that have been released over recent years. Children get in for just $1 while all other ages (12-older) are just $8. 


Enjoy some of Idaho’s beautiful scenery at the Rexburg Nature Park. The park has two sections, Nature Park North and Nature Park South, North has 3 ponds, a skate park, a walking/bike path, and covered picnic areas. South has frisbee golf, a kid’s playground, a walking and bike path, and 1 covered area. 


Yellowstone Bear World is a popular stop on visitors’ drives to Yellowstone National Park. Bear World rehabilitates Black Bears, Grizzles, and other wild animals that frequent the park. This is a great guaranteed way to see wildlife up close. Bear World offers guided experiences like bottle feeding the bear cubs, a petting zoo, and feeding the adult bears from a truck.

Why Work With Us?

Our company is proud to serve many homeowners in the Rexburg area and surrounding cities. We know that your roof problems can get complicated, so we want to take this stress off of your shoulders. Premier Roofing And Restoration hires the most experienced roofers so that you avoid damage to your home after our services. Contact our Idaho Falls location or our Pocatello location to get started on your project.