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The Importance Of Roof Insulation

Every home needs insulation in the walls, but did you know that your roof also needs proper insulation? Keeping your roof insulated and protected gives you a number of benefits for your home. No matter where you live, a proper roof will protect you from weather, pests, and outside noise. Below are some reasons why you should consider improving your roof insulation. 


Roof insulation

1- Keep Your Home Warm In The Winter

When many people think of insulation, their immediate thought is keeping in heat. Insulation in your roof will help keep heat inside the home during colder months. Heat rises through your home, so proper roof insulation will keep it from escaping and make your home energy efficient. 

Keeping a home at a comfortable temperature is the whole goal of insulation. It helps regulate the temperature fluctuations that occur outside from affecting your interior. Insulation in your roof is a main component of a safe and green home.

2- Release Summer Heat 

The sun beats down hard on your roof during the summer, which can cause your home to heat up rapidly. Insulation in the roof will keep the heat from spreading through the home or through the roofing material, to begin with. 

Roll-on or spray-on insulation products are the most effective solution when it comes to roof insulation. Whether you do the insulation yourself or hire a professional team, applying the right amount of insulation will determine whether or not your home will receive these benefits. If you are not keen on walking that fine line, contact a roofing expert.

3- Make A Home More Energy Efficient

You can waste a large amount of energy when you run your air conditioner and heater and let that air escape. Insulation can reduce your energy bill by up to 50% when done correctly. When your home is not properly insulated, your HVAC system has to work that much harder to keep the temperature at a perfect level, which means you will need to replace them more frequently. Save yourself money and make your home more sustainable by spending a smaller amount to have your roof insulation upgraded. 

4- Lower Fire Risk

Your home has a fire rating of how safe and fire-resistant it is. Some insulation can burn easily, but proper insulation can control temperatures on the roof and limit extreme heat. Spray foam insulation is a material that is the least likely to burn from long exposure to heat. 

The Importance Of Roof Insulation

5- Reduce Sound Disruptions

There are many sounds that occur outside of your home. There may also be sounds like movies, conversations, or projects that occur inside your home that you don’t want your neighbors to hear. Insulation plays a big role in keeping sound where it needs to be. Insulation in your roof can reduce noise that comes from heavy rain, hail, or wind. 

Insulation helps reduce air movement through the attic where the majority of your sound travels through the home. Noise reduction is a major benefit of proper roof and wall insulation. 

6- Makes Your Roof More Durable

Roofing insulation makes your roof more adaptable to changing weather conditions. This means that the weather isn’t as harsh on the tiles or shingles used to coat my roof. Rising heat in a home can cause ice dams on a roof when large amounts of snow occur. Insulation will help prevent harsh conditions on your roof and keep the material in a better condition for longer. 

UV exposure can also weaken your roofing material by seeping into it and making the material crack. With insulation preventing the heat from seeping in too deep, your shingles, metal, or tiles won’t be brittle. 

Roofing Services From Premier Roofing And Restoration

Spending a little bit of extra money to improve insulation will give you many benefits that you may not know you even need. Working with our team to improve your roofing material is the best investment you can make for your home. Premier Roofing And Restoration works on homes of many sizes in the Idaho area to protect homeowners. 

Don’t let your home weaken and suffer by leaving old insulation on your roof. Keeping those in your home safe can be accomplished by using quality roof insulation.  Work with our roofing experts and get a free estimate for your project today!

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